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ISOPE-2018 Sapporo, Japan,

                                         June 10-15


     Arctic Science &Tech


     Frontier Energy & Resources


     Arctic Materials


     Strain-based Design


     Renewable Energy &Environ   


     Sloshing, Dynamics, Design

     Tsunami & Safety


     Coastal Engineering


     Hydrodynamics and CFD


     Asset Integrity


     Offshore Technology


     Cryogenic Materials



      Geoenvironmental Engineering


     Subsea Pipeline Riser


     Ocean Mining  & Gas Hydrates


     Materials Reliability

        in Petrochemicals


     Underwater Systems


     High Performance Materials


25th ISOPE Ocean & Arctic

Welcome to ISOPE-2017 San Francisco              Session and Paper List, Scholarship application deadline April 15, the entry visa information Click “Program” on right vertical band                           155 sessions, 5 plenary and 5 keynote presentations, 5+ focus sessions, as of January 20                                 Welcome Prof. Marshall Tulin, special invited lecturer                             Prof. C C Mei, MIT is selected the 2017 Jin S Chung Award & Lecturer                   Innovation… Offshore and Arctic…(ExxonMobil)        New England … Offshore Wind… (Univ Maine)       New Materials… Pipelines (SAIPEM)                            ISOPE-2016 Rhodes     155 sessions                              New Keynote 3 on U.S. Developments in Offshore Wind Energy      Outstanding Student Scholarship to graduate students (Texas A&M, Osaka Univ, Univ of Stavanger)    2016 Best Student Paper (M.I.T.)      2015 Best Paper (Osaka Univ.)     CH Kim Award (City Univ. London)         New Workshop “European project SBD-SPipe” on Thursday                Mini-Exhibit Opportunity               Manuscript deadline for peer review is January 20           Paper writing tips for students: Click Program             Prof. Masashi Kashiwagi, Osaka University is the 2016 Jin S. Chung Award & Lecturer              Scholarship application deadline: April 15                    Welcome 225 graduate students to Kona, Hawaii                             2015-16 Offshore Mechanics Scholarships with $1,000 Membership Prize each go to 4 doctoral students from M.I.T., Univ of Maine, Osaka Univ and Univ of Western Australia                          

Welcome IAHR, new cooperating organization with ISOPE                            PACOMS-2016 Australia: 175 abstracts from 21 countries, 93 peer-reviewed papers in the proceedings                              ISOPE-2015 Conference in Kona, Hawaii Big Island                        ISOPE-2015 Conference Proceedings in 5,806 pages                          Share taxi ride at Kona Airport to Hilton Waikoloa                   Student Forum RSVP May 15                                    Click “Program” on right vertical band for Session Tables, Focus Sessions and Full Program with Paper List                             Prof. Michael Triantafyllou, M.I.T. is selected the 2015 Jin S Chung Award & Lecturer        Thanks for 1,750+ abstracts from 53 countries and 188 sessions including ocean mining and gas hydrates, Monday through Friday                                        Special ISOPE room rates start from $169 at Hilton Waikoloa Village in June, and conference registration fee from $690 and lower for students


ISOPE Conference, Symposium and Journal

 [All ISOPE papers are peer-reviewed and indexed by SCOPUS, EI Compendex and others, and journal also by SCI-E.]


Encompass research, development, and technology  in  all scientific and technology disciplines

relevant to the ocean, Arctic and Antarctic, such as

Hydrodynamics & CFD, Sloshing Dynamics and Design, Coastal Hydrodynamics and Engineering

Applied Mechanics, Safety and Reliability

Offshore Technology, Ocean Engineering, Offshore Mechanics, Arctic Engineering, Polar Science and Technology

Advanced Ship Technology, LNG Ships, Underwater and Oceanfloor Vehicles and Systems, Robotics and Control and Oceanology

Subsea, Pipelines and Risers, Installation and Positioning, Vortex-induced Vibrations, Geotechnical Engineering and Environment

High-Performance Materials, Arctic Materials, Welding, Nanotechnology, Strain-based Design, Smart Structures

Frontier Energy Resources Technology, LNG, Deep-Ocean Mining and Gas Hydrates, Renewable Energy and Environment

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